Study and Reflection

Progress on the path to inner illumination involves listening to, reflecting on, and absorbing the teachings given by a reliable source.

It is recommended to take opportunities to listen to presentations and also to dedicate some time each day to study and reflection.

At this time a chosen time each day we can spend a few minutes reading a text, and a few further minutes reflecting on the main points.

Of course it is good to read and think about the teachings and related subjects at other times also. Yet while endeavouring to bring our outlook into line with the non-dual teachings, it is advisable to establish this dedicated reflection time and to spend it with full attention.

On this page are links to some themes for reflection.

Alternatively, one could choose a book such as Power Behind the Mind or Awakening to Self-Knowledge from the bookstore and spend the time reading and reflecting on a passage.


Themes for Study and Reflection