Developing Helpful Qualities

Developing Helpful Qualities

The qualities that most help us in the search for knowledge of Reality include:

  • - a growing discernment between what is transient and what is enduring
  • - a growing sense that what matters most to us is that which is enduring

We express and deepen this vision by cultivating further qualities such as:

  • - the wish not to cause harm or suffering to others
  • - what might be called human-heartedness, or fellow-feeling, friendliness.
  • - honesty and sincerity (starting with oneself!) and courage
  • - tolerance

Also patience, gratitude, cheerfulness, generosity.

The practical way to develop these qualities is:

  • - to understand that it is in our own best interest to do so: without them we cannot find happiness, or make progress on the way to inner illumination.
  • - to understand that if we do not express these qualities, we are harming ourselves.
  • - we can gain this understanding by reflecting on the non-dual teachings which reveal that in our own deeper nature, these qualities already exist, because in our true nature we are absolutely free, fearless and fulfilled. By living these qualities we affirm this.
  • - spend a little time each day in self-examination.
  • - identifying points where we could do better and concentrating on those qualities and taking opportunities to express them.

There is more on this theme in My Practice section.

Discovering Non Duality

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