Purpose & Goal: Self-Realisation

Purpose & Goal: Self-Realisation

The Goal of Self-Realisation

The aim and purpose of the non-dual teachings is Self-realisation, the full and direct knowledge of the nature of one’s true Self.

This Self is the reality underlying appearances, and it is the same in all, free of all limitations. Thus this Self-Knowledge is also called enlightenment or liberation.

On the way we cultivate qualities which are valuable both as means to this end and in themselves. Among these is the deep conviction that the teachings of non-duality are in principle true. This is called indirect (as opposed to direct) knowledge, and it is an important stage on the practical path.

As our understanding and practice of the non-dual teachings grow, we gain the quality of discernment. This is the ability to distinguish between what is real, lasting and significant, and what is apparent and transient.

With discernment come equanimity, evenness of mind and detachment.

Discernment and equanimity allow us to appreciate life more fully, and to cope best with its vicissitudes.

In this way we find inner freedom, lasting peace, fearlessness and fulfilment.

Progress and Self-Realisation

It is helpful to understand that there is an important difference between progress on the path, and final realisation.

From the beginning, the practices and the non-dual outlook help with relaxation, concentration, strength of will, patience, creativity and compassion.

It has been said of Self-realisation in the non-dual teachings: ‘The goal is beautiful – and so is the way.’