Meditation – One with the Self of All

This is a set of guided meditation practices.

It is one of a selection on this site that we can discover and take up regularly if we wish to.

It is recommended that we choose a set of practices and stay with them for a given time. More on how and why to practice meditation regularly.

There are several versions of this session available to watch and practice.


This is the whole session the first time we did it together
We warmly recommend you watch this at least once (39 minutes)
It contains teachings on why non-dual meditation is needed, even if non duality is the reality of our true self even now. 

Audio-only format:



This is the whole session as we did it a second time three weeks later
It is also recommended that you watch this at least once (41 minutes)
It contains further teachings on why we identify strongly with the mind, which is another reason why meditation is needed. 

Audio-only format:



This is a shortened version of the first session (20 minutes)
A good way of doing our own regular practice would be to simply follow this recording each day.

Audio-only format:



This is a shortened version of the second session (22 minutes)
It also could be followed each day for our own regular practice.
This version includes further guidance on deepening the meditation. 

Audio-only format:


You may like to read more about learning to meditate and taking up regular practice.

If you have any thoughts or questions about the practices, you are welcome to contact us.


Summary of the Practices

1. Inner preparation

Repeat to yourself these words:
O my mind, You are like a wave in the sea of Reality.
Be calm, be still. This is the way to knowledge and well-being.

Repeat these words to yourself a few times, and focus on their meaning. [About one minute]

More on the preparation for meditation


2. Breathing practice

Breath a little more slowly and deeply than usual.
If possible, breathe through the nose.
Be aware of your breathing and try to make the in and out breaths the same length.
As you breathe in, feel that the breath is being drawn up, as it were, from the region of the navel, to the point between the eyebrows.
Hear the sound of the breath, entering the body.
If possible, after the in-breath, pause for a moment with the attention on the forehead,
Then breath out consciously, bringing the attention back to the region of the navel, hearing the sound of the breath passing out of the body.
And after each out-breath, pause for a moment, with the attention at the region of the navel, before breathing in again. [Five minutes]


3. Visualisation

The visualisation is in three parts.

First, visualise yourself, from the outside, as it were.
Try to see yourself sitting as you are now.
Just look at yourself, as you might look at any other person.
You are an on-looker, seeing this person in front of you .
If distracting thoughts come along, as soon as you notice, come back to the image of yourself.
[Two minutes]

Next, visualise yourself with a bright light shining from your forehead.
See yourself and a bright light shining from the forehead, in all directions.
Again, if the attention wanders, bring it back, gently and firmly to the sight of yourself and the bright light shining from the forehead in all directions.
[Two minutes]

The final part of the visualisation is to see the light becoming brighter and brighter so that everything else disappears in that light.
See the light spreading in all directions becoming brighter and brighter until nothing else is visible.
[Two minutes]


4. Meditation on a text


Repeat the text to yourself a few times until you have the main idea in focus, then try to keep your attention on that.
If the mind wanders off, when you become aware of this, calmly go back to the text and its meaning.
Absorb your attention in the great truth expressed in the text.
[Six minutes.]

More about meditating on a text


5. Closing offering
Extend thoughts of unconditional goodwill to all. [One minute]


More recordings of meditation practices are here.