Meditation on a Text

Meditation on a Text

When meditating on a text we want to keep our attention focused on the meaning expressed in the text.

At first this meaning is understood as an idea, and as meditation matures, it is recognised as a truth about our Self.

So first we read the text to ourselves a few times until the meaning is clear and in focus, and then we rest the attention on that.

You may find it helpful to simply repeat the text constantly, attending to its meaning. In time, you may find that it is no longer necessary to repeat the words in order to be aware of what they point to.

Or you may prefer to take a single word, or phrase from the text, and use that as a focus for the attention.

Whichever method we adopt, the aim is to keep the text and its meaning at the forefront of the mind, to the exclusion of other thoughts.

If other thoughts do intrude, as soon as you are aware of this, go back to the text and its meaning.


Discovering Non Duality

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