Importance of Rhythm in Meditation

Cover of Training the Mind through Yoga

Before starting to meditate, there are three preliminary things to be established: a rhythm in timing a rhythm in posture a rhythm in the preparation to be carried out immediately before the actual meditation begins. The more conscious a pupil becomes of his inner processes, the more aware he will be of his disharmony, and…

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Daily Meditation – Rhythm in Time and Place

Timing It is recommended that we choose in advance: – a set of meditation practices – what time of day we will do our practices – for how long we will do the practices each day – for how many days we will do these practices and then to abide by the decision we have…

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Daily Meditation – Inner Preparation

Each set of meditation practices begins with an inner preparation. The point is to come to the meditation in the right spirit, or the right attitude, just as we would to any important engagement. We will all find our own way of making this adjustment, for now, here is a formula we can adopt: Approach the…

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