Meditation – The Reality Beyond Appearances

This is a set of guided meditation practices.

It is one of a selection on this site that we can discover and take up regularly if we wish to.

There are two recordings of a guided meditation session including these practices:
– the full session including an introduction and guidance on each practice. It is warmly recommend to watch this one at least once in order to benefit most.
– a shortened version with the practices which could be followed repeatedly as a way of doing our own regular meditation.


This is the full session (45 minutes). Watching this at least once will help us gain most from the practices
This version includes an introduction on ‘The Reality Beyond Appearances’, what has been called the Supreme Being, the Absolute, God, and many other names.

Audio only format:



This is the edited version with just the practices (20 minutes). A good way of doing daily meditation would be to simply follow this recording.

Audio only format:


See more about taking up regular meditation practice.

If you have any thoughts or questions about the practices, you are welcome to contact us.


Summary of the Practices

1. Inner preparation

We consciously turn within and remember the presence of the reality in our own being. [About one minute]

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2. Breathing practice

Breathe in slowly, calmly, consciously, in full awareness of the flow of the breath.
As you breathe in, imagine the breath is being drawn up from the region of the navel to the point between the eyebrows.
Hold the breath for a moment or two at this point and then release it slowly, again pausing for a moment or two at the end of the out-breath.
Then repeat the cycle. [Four minutes]


3. Visualisation

See before your inner eye two words, peace and patience.
The words can be pictured in letters of light: 
Establish this picture in your imagination and then rest your attention on these two words.
Feel that your deeper nature is peace and it manifests in your patience which is the source of your calm response to whatever comes. [Five minutes]


4. Meditation on a text

The support of my mind is the being and consciousness of my true Self.
This Self is infinite, transcending thought, ever at peace.

Repeat the text to yourself a few times until you have the main idea in focus, then try to keep your attention on that.
If the mind wanders off, when you become aware of this, calmly go back to the text and its meaning.
Absorb your attention in the great truth expressed in the text.
[Six minutes.]

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5. Closing offering
Extend thoughts of unconditional goodwill to all. [One minute]


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