Current Meditations – and Success, Special Powers and Non-duality

These are the meditation practices we are currently doing together at Shanti Sadan.

There are two versions:
– a recording of the full session with an introduction and guidance on each practice. It is warmly recommend to watch this one at least once in order to benefit most.
This includes a talk on the question of special powers and how non-duality can help us.

– a shortener version with the practices which could be followed repeatedly as a way of doing our own regular meditation.


This is the full session. Watching this at least once will help us gain most from the practices
This includes an introduction on special powers and how non-duality can help.

Audio only format:


This is a shorter version with the practices (20 minutes). A good way of doing daily meditation would be to simply follow this recording.

Audio only format:


See more about taking up regular meditation practice.

If you have any thoughts or questions about the practices, you are welcome to contact us.

More recordings of meditation practices are here.