Meditation – Am I Doing it Right?

This is a set of non-dual meditation practices.

It is one of a selection on this site that we can discover and take up regularly if we wish to.

There are two versions:
– a recording of the full session with an introduction and guidance on each practice. It is warmly recommend to watch this one at least once in order to benefit most. The presentation begins with a talk how can we know if we are doing meditation right.
– a shorter version with the practices which could be followed repeatedly as a way of doing our own regular meditation.


This is the full session. Watching this at least once will help us gain most from the practices
This includes an introduction on the essential foundations of meditation.
(There is some distortion of the sound at 37:30-38:30. We hope this will not spoil the rest of the recording for you!)

Audio only format:


This is a shorter version with the practices (18 minutes). A good way of doing daily meditation would be to follow this recording.

Audio only format:


See more about taking up regular meditation practice.

If you have any thoughts or questions about the practices, you are welcome to contact us.

More recordings of meditation practices are here.