Meditations 2019 September

These practices were done during September 2019 at the weekly guided meditation practice sessions at Shanti Sadan.

Scroll down for a summary.

This is a recording of the whole session including an introduction to the practices and the principles on which they are based. You will probably find it helpful to listen to this version at least once. (43 minutes)

This version is shortened and could be followed for our own daily meditation. (20 minutes)

1. Inner preparation

Let us turn our attention within in reverence and gratitude for this opportunity to bring alive this higher wisdom in our own being. [About one minute.]
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2. Breathing practice
Breathe slowly and consciously. As you breathe in, imagine that the breath is being drawn up from the region of the navel to the point between the eyebrows. Feel the breath entering your body and hear its sound.

Before exhaling, pause for a moment or two. Then release the breath slowly, hearing its sound.

Pause again before the next in-breath.
[About five minutes]

3. Visualisation
Bring your attention to the heart centre. Visualise a lotus of bluish colour at this point and rest your attention on it.

See the petals slowly opening to the light of the sun.
[About five minutes]

4. Meditation on a text

As the bud opens to the sun,
so does my inner being open to the infinite consciousness.
That is bliss.  That am I.

Repeat the text silently a few times until the meaning is grasped, then focus the attention on that. If the mind wanders off, firmly and gently bring it back to the text and the meaning. [Six minutes.]
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5. Closing offering
Extend thoughts of unconditional goodwill to all. [One minute]

For more on how to meditate see this section on daily meditation practice.