Meditations 2019 June

These practices were done during June 2019 at the weekly guided meditation practice sessions at Shanti Sadan

Below is a recording of a guided session with these practices, led by the Warden of Shanti Sadan.

Please scroll down for a summary of the practices.

This is a recording of the whole session including an introduction to the principles on which the meditations are based. You will probably find it helpful to listen to this version at least once. (39 minutes)

This recording has been edited to focus on the practices, and could be followed for our own daily meditation. (21 minutes)


1. Inner preparation

We spend a moment in silent appreciation and reverence for that great Power that is the source of all – the power and presence that is within and around us at all times. [About one minute.]
More on the preparation for meditation

2. Breathing practice
Breathe slowly and a little more deeply than usual. As you breathe, fill the mind with the thought ‘I am’, inwardly repeating the words.
Become aware of this fundamental fact of your being, I am, which accompanies all thought, speech and action, but is independent of them.
[About four minutes]

3. Visualisation
Think of a flame and place it in imagination in the heart centre.
Feel that this flame is your ‘I am’ and rest your attention on it.
The flame is bright, motionless and independent of the passing thoughts.

4. Meditation on a text


Repeat the text silently a few times until the meaning is grasped, then focus the attention on that. If the mind wanders off, firmly and gently bring it back to the text and the meaning. [Six minutes.]
More about meditating on a text

5. Closing offering
Extend thoughts of unconditional goodwill to all. [One minute]

For more on how to meditate see this section on daily meditation practice.