Non-duality (advaita vedanta) is a fascinating philosophy and a practical guide to living the best life.

Join us for an afternoon of questions, answers, and guided meditation

Saturday 13 May 2023 2.00pm-4.30pm

Scandic Copenhagen Hotel, Vester Søgade 6 Copenhagen V (map)

Admission free, All welcome

(Please note, the presentation will be in English)

Pixilated image representing non-duality

According to the non-dual understanding, our own deeper Self, when fully known, is not different from the Self, the reality, in all beings.

True Self-knowledge brings us lasting peace, inner freedom, fearlessness and fulfilment.

It can be found through study and practice of the non-dual philosophy, self-discovery, deep mindfulness, meditation, and inner enquiry.

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About this Event

If non-duality offers solutions to unhappiness and fear, how do I live it?

What does it mean for my work? My relationships? My desires?

How can Non-duality help me now?

How to practise meditation? 

Afterwards, stay in touch and to continue the study and practice, if you wish.

The Warden of Shanti Sadan School of Non-dualityThe event is organised by Shanti Sadan School of Non-duality.

The main speaker will be the Warden, the author of five books on non-duality including the latest title, 'How Can Non-duality Help Me Now?'

Free, all welcome.


Registration is not obligatory, but it would help us with organisation to know if you are planning to come.
Thank you for letting us know!

Copenhagen 2023

Getting to the Venue

The venue is Scandic Copenhagen Hotel, Vester Søgade 6, Copenhagen V

This is a few minutes walk from the front entrance of Copenhagen Central Station.

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The aim and purpose of the non-dual teachings is Self-realisation, the full and direct knowledge of the nature of one’s true Self.

This Self is the reality underlying appearances, and it is the same in all, free of all limitations. Thus this Self-Knowledge is also called enlightenment or liberation.

This is the goal of true mysticism and the deeper wisdom traditions.

On the way we cultivate qualities which are valuable both as means to this end and in themselves. 

As our understanding and practice of the non-dual teachings grow, we gain the quality of discernment.

This is the ability to distinguish between what is real, lasting and significant, and what is apparent and transient.

Then meditation and true mindfulness become meaningful and effective.

With discernment come calmness, compassion, balance, focus and goodwill. 

These qualities allow us to appreciate life more fully, and to cope best with its vicissitudes.

In this way we find inner freedom, lasting peace, fearlessness and fulfilment.

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