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The next meditation session live online is on Sunday 26 September 2021 at 4pm UK time.
With a talk on the ultimate unity of our Self and the universal.
More details.

Sky and rainbow image with link to nondual meditation


Latest Additions

Guided Meditation Practice

These are the practices we did during the latest online meditation session
The full recording includes a talk on meditation and what does not change.

Sun and path with link to non-dual meditation



More resources

Talks and meditations selected for the present time.


Success, Special Powers, and Non-duality

Sun set with link to non-dual meditation



Seeking Happiness: Should we try to get what we want, or practice giving up desires?

Sun on water and link to non-dual meditation



Why do we identify so strongly with the mind?



If Non Duality is true,
why do we need to practice meditation?



Keeping up meditation practice:
a talk on Meditation and Where the Help Comes From




A talk on 'Self-Help through Self-Knowledge'



A further talk, on 'The Liberating Truth'


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Non-duality (in Sanskrit, Advaita Vedanta) is a way of understanding the world and ourselves, closely connected with practical methods of gaining a deeper Self-knowledge and new sources of fulfilment.

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