Practical Points on Inner Development

The foundation of the teaching on inner development is that in every human being there are great qualities that are part of our nature—whether or not we follow their prompting within us. These include kindness, compassion, cooperation, generosity, fellow feeling, forgiveness. We also harbour within ourselves qualities of knowledge, understanding, judgement, skill, guidance, insight. And none of us is lacking in qualities of will, fortitude, courage, endurance, keeping our promises, loyalty.

But these riches of character are not the final flowering of human development. There is in us a deeper, unseen level of value and perfection. This is related to something more profound and inward than our mind as we know it. We can call this deeper dimension of our being our spiritual or infinite nature. It is the source of such qualities as inner serenity, expansion of consciousness, satisfaction, the light of a deeper understanding, and the intuitive recognition of the unity and sanctity of all life. To reveal, release and realise such treasures, we have, so to say, to dig more deeply in our own being.

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This article is from the Autumn 2021 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.