Life Without Limits

When you no longer identify yourself with the mind, true life begins in that region of self-experience that knows no horizon.
Shri Dada of Aligarh

The ideas about self-knowledge, as it is understood in the non-dual philosophy, are not put forward dogmatically, but they do suggest a new way of reflecting on our own experience. They indicate the higher understanding that dawns when our thought processes have been brought to serenity and harmony. It is this special inner condition, which we have to cultivate, that leads to the awakening of our higher consciousness.

What is the life without limits? It is the realisation through our tranquil and harmonised mind that our true Self transcends all limitations. It is not affected by what happens to our body or by the influences that colour our mind as we respond to the various challenges that meet us in life. Body and mind do feel these limits, but our awakened understanding confers the certain knowledge that in our true nature, we are something far greater. This is our true Self—the ‘I’ that we all have as our centre. Being immortal and infinite, it transcends the world and its changes.

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This article is from the Spring 2019 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.