I Am Brahman

The visible universe is a fraction of Reality. It is just as much as is revealed to us by our empirical instruments of perception. The invisible, too, is only a limited aspect of the same Reality. That which is grasped by the mind is the invisible. It is not the whole. That which is the root of both the visible and the invisible, and which yet transcends both, is Reality.

Jesus, an objective manifestation of Reality, called it ‘Father in Heaven’; Mohammed, a God-man, styled it ‘Allah’. The philosophy of Adhyatma Yoga calls it ‘Atman’, the real Self of the individual, or Brahman, the Self of the Universe.

It is the object of the highest love; it is the home of delight; it is Reality, being free from change and limitations, conditions and attributes. It is the Essence of God, humanity and the world.
The Yogis take delight in its contemplation. By saturating their minds in it, in inner tranquillity, created by the withdrawal of the mind from the objective and subjective spheres, they know directly: ‘This Atman is Brahman’ — ‘This Self is the Absolute’.

We abide in the realm of delusion, suffering and uncertainty, so long as we do not know directly: ‘I am Brahman’.


This article is from the Spring 2019 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.