I Adore Thee

In the silent, tranquil temple of my heart, lit by the lamps of forgiveness, patience, charity and compassion, I adore Thee.

The roof of the temple is faith; it is supported by the pillars of inner and outer control; it is adorned by the altar of devotion, and here, O Lord, O Life, O Love, I adore Thee.

I light the incense of ‘peace to all’, and sacrifice my mind, loaded with gratitude, adorned with humility and self-surrender, and adore Thee, O light of the universe.

My thoughts, pure and climbing higher and higher in the atmosphere of Love, are the pearls of my rosary, strung on the thread of unity of all existence, and I say, O most holy and adorable Friend and constant companion, my mantram: I am that, I am that, I am that.

With the broom of knowledge I have swept away all desires from the temple and decorated it with the flowers of passionlessness, the madonna lilies of renunciation, and I adore Thee as my Dadaji, as my Hari, as my Rama, as my Christ.

O infinite–finite, O all-pervading essence of Truth, O my only friend, I do adore Thee.

Thou art the sweetest nectar, Thy holy name is my meat and drink, O only refuge for my soul, I adore Thee.

Cover, O eternal rose of beauty, O source of peace, O origin of the Muses, all living beings with Thy forgiving compassion, and let Thy kingdom of love of Truth, love of all living beings, come, O Father.

I adore Thee as the moonlight embraces the holy mount and the gentle breezes sweep over the bosom of thy river Ganga.

I have nothing to ask for. Thou art mine, mine, mine, and I am Thine, Thine, Thine. I adore Thee.

Hari Prasad Shastri

This article is from the Autumn 2017 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.