From Sight to Insight

The purpose of these discourses is to evoke the supramental consciousness in you. You are aware of the mental and rational consciousness, but this is not all. There is yet another consciousness. It is above the mind, and is called the supramental consciousness. It functions in a region far above the mental region, and might be called the intuitional consciousness, but I hesitate to use that word, for it has many different interpretations. Therefore all I will say is that there is another consciousness above the mind—that is all.

The object of the rationalistic consciousness is to discover what is right in the ethical realm, to set a fixed code of moral behaviour, so that we may act well and without impeding the progress of society. The mind cannot do more than this. Kant has proved that the mind has a limited range, and that certain things cannot be achieved by the mental functions.

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This article is from the Summer 2021 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.