Discovering Our Infinite Nature

We function in the world of time but the roots of our being are in eternity. We seem to be limited but there is something in us which is not at all limited, and which is at the root of our being.
Hari Prasad Shastri

The chief purpose of the Yoga of Self-Knowledge is to awaken us to the truth of our essential nature. This truth is that our innermost Self is identical with the supreme reality that underlies and makes possible the universe. Our fundamental nature is infinite, imperishable, and transcends the conditions that apply to our physical and psychological being. Adhyatma Yoga is one of the paths that will enable us to realize this infinitude within ourselves.

This doctrine of the transcendence of the true Self runs like a vein of gold through the teachings of the enlightened exponents of Yoga. The supreme capacity of the human mind is for higher knowledge—jnanam. This is the wisdom that transcends the mind itself and all duality and limitation. Under its light, the infinitude at the heart of our being will be realized as the permanent and untaintable truth, the real nature of everything. ‘That which is the subtle essence, this whole universe has That as its Self. That is Reality. That is the Self. That thou art.’ (Chandogya Upanishad) To pursue this self-realization is to turn our endeavours to life’s supreme purpose, because this quest alone leads to ultimate fulfilment.

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This article is from the Autumn 2015 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.