Open Wide the Mind’s Cage Door

All of us like to feel we are free. We do not welcome those situations, people and places that make us feel hemmed in or restricted. For instance, if we were to be told that for health and safety reasons, the doors of our meeting room were to be locked, preventing exit for a short while, the announcement would probably cause some psychological discomfiture. None of us likes to be caged in.

If we are fortunate enough to enjoy a large measure of physical freedom, we may take it for granted, and forget to feel thankful for this great benefit. It is only when we compare our position to those who lack this freedom, that we may remember to count our blessings and seek to share them with others. When our thoughts and conduct flow for the general good, our sense of freedom will deepen and spread its influence in our mind.

This is not to deny that our own body, even when enjoying its liberty, can sometimes feel as if caged in, due to the pains that are bound to visit us in the course of life. These challenges invade our thoughts and sometimes curtail our freedom of movement. So we seek out ways and means of avoiding them, taking steps to banish pain and restore our freedom.

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This article is from the Autumn  issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.