The Way to Soul-Satisfaction

A storm rages outside. Snow, driven by furious wind, is falling on the earth. Probably in a day or two the storm may be followed by a sunny day. There is an inner storm raging in our being. The rain of desires incessantly invades our heart. In the event of acceptance of a desire, the will becomes busy in finding means to its fulfilment. There is a little inner sunshine when a desire is fulfilled. A dominating desire is called a passion; its fulfilment means loss of internal balance and discernment.

Alas, the inner sunshine is as short-lived as a spring shower. The soul wants satisfaction and does not find it. The Upanishads declare: ‘Bliss is Brahman, on the attainment of which the wise become fearless.’

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This article is from the Winter 2023 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.