Awakening the Higher Intuition

One of the things that science has taught us is that we can perceive nothing unless we have the necessary sense organs. We are completely unaware of those parts of the universe which we are not equipped to perceive. One instance of this is the discovery by the use of radio telescopes of many radio stars in the sky which give out no visible light and whose existence we did not even dream of until these instruments were developed. The part of the electromagnetic spectrum to which our eyes are sensitive is only a very small band of wavelengths ranging from what we call red light through the spectral colours to what we call violet light; the radio waves are beyond the red, just as the cosmic rays are a long way beyond the violet and the ultra-violet. There are animals, as we now know, who can see parts of the spectrum which we cannot see. The owl, which hunts by night, is sensitive to infra-red, and can see clearly objects which to us are as if they were in darkness. The bat’s cry, which we cannot hear because it is too high a frequency for our ears, is not only heard by the bat but is used as its means of guiding itself most skilfully. It hears the echo of its cry from any obstacles and avoids them even in complete darkness. This is another example of the fact that we only perceive that for which we have sense organs.

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This article is from the Summer 2022 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.