The Realisation of Brahman through Love and Knowledge

Knowledge in the sense in which Shri Shankara uses the term, means the highest knowledge, a supra-mental knowledge through a spontaneous experience of the Self as the highest good and supreme Reality. The otherness of the absolute Reality passes away like a dream, and the individual self (jiva) realises its essence in identity with the universal Self. The highest Reality (Brahman) devoid of all otherness is experienced as the very Self, Atman.

This experience of identity of the self, a unit of Consciousness, with the Consciousness of the Absolute, is not an achievement; it is a rediscovery of what is known already and is apparent and partly revealed to us, in some moments of consciousness, as the Sublime, the Peace of the universal, the All-in-All.

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This article is from the Spring 2022 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.