Endeavour to be a Sant

Whose bodies, minds and words overflow with goodness;
Whose chief delight and satisfaction is benevolence to all beings;
Who swell the merits of others to mountains when they are like atoms,
And are ever fully pleased by the inner vision—
Such sants are indeed rare.

A Sant* is not distinguished by any external signs. Their hearts are ever free from agitation. They have no love for the agreeable and no aversion for the disagreeable. By their proximity many loaded with evil are naturally purified. The pure sattva predominates in their nature and the rajas and tamas impressions and tendencies of their opponents disappear. Such great-hearted devotees of God are rare.

At no time and through no cause are their hearts agitated. The enjoyments of food, association and self-decoration, do not give rise to hopes in their hearts. Forgiveness, generosity, compassion, stability, inner and outer control, fortitude, forbearance, endurance, peace, renunciation, discrimination, egolessness and unconditional benevolence, constitute their heavenly wealth.

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This article is from the Spring 2022 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.