The Yoga of Non-Separation

The term ‘Yoga of non-separation’ (Ananya-Yoga) occurs in the Bhagavad Gita (13:10), and for those who decide to reflect on it, it will disclose a wealth of meaning. In context, the verse, and the succeeding one, conclude a section which enumerates the qualities of mind that hasten one’s awakening to Self-knowledge:

Unswerving devotion to Me (The Lord) in the Yoga of non-separation, resort to solitary places, distaste for the society of men, constancy in Self-knowledge and perception of the end of knowledge of truth. This is declared to be knowledge, and what is opposed to it is ignorance.

The injunctions laid down in these ancient scriptures must not be taken too literally, because they were studied by people whose aim was to live in retirement, meditating and practising the teachings. Such ideal conditions are rare to-day; but for some of us there may be a quiet and private space in our home, the solitude of a park or place of worship, and what is more important still, the solitude within ourselves which should be accessible at any moment, even in the most crowded environment.

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This article is from the Autumn 2021 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.