Cultivating the Emotional Life

Let us rise above the narrow sphere of likes and dislikes, of duality and appearance, into the boundless freedom of the spirit. Let us take a holiday from the world, and dwell in the infinite spirit, the light of which transcends time. Calm and reflective, let us receive the time-honoured teachings, which are more health-giving than the purest air. We serve you with the eternal truth and invite you to contact the divine within your own being. Therefore, withdraw from the sense world and dwell in contemplation of the indwelling Lord.

We live for Self-realisation. The Self is distinct from the body and the mind; it is immutable, all bliss, all power, untouched by time. Nothing can imprison your real Self, and the law of cause and effect has no power over it. It is the one seemingly divided among millions of organisms, and yet really undivided—such is the true Self, which is enshrined in the heart of all—the light of pure being. To free the Self from the apparent coverings of nescience is Self-realisation. Broadly speaking, the following conditions are aids to realisation.

1 reasonable physical health
2 a trained mind
3 well controlled and cultivated emotional urges

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This article is from the Autumn 2021 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.