Wake Up!

The founder of Shanti Sadan, Hari Prasad Shastri, recalls an incident during his time in China (1919-1929)

Once while living in one of the cities of China, I had a room on the first floor of a house, the ground floor of which was used as a bar, frequented by sailors and others drawn from various ranks of life. When they were very noisy I could hear their talk and their sounds. I did not want to live in that room, because it was neither comfortable nor conducive to my studies and quiet contemplation, but economic conditions had driven me to such a narrow strait that I could not afford to be in a room which cost more.

I used to write articles for the China Weekly Review and for other newspapers, which were published almost daily, and I used to deliver yogic lectures in different cities from different platforms. My little band of yogis was working very well.

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This article is from the Spring 2020 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.