Aids to Realisation

1 Knowing the mind to be an object, and your Self to be its subject, fill the mind with forgiveness. Forgive all those whom you think have not treated you justly. Meditate on forgiveness. Imagine the word ‘forgiveness’ to be written on your heart. Dwell on it.

2 Treat compassion in the same way. Alternate from forgiveness to compassion.

3 Meditate on forgiveness as your Self.

4 Treat friendliness in the same way. Meditate on ‘I am friendliness’. Breathe in friendliness. Breathe out friendliness. Cover the people you pass by with friendliness. Do not listen to anything that is opposed to friendliness.

5 Meditate on cheerfulness. Do not be gloomy or moody. Carry within yourself joy, because Self is Ananda (bliss).

6 During your day, continually think of your Self as bliss, which is not to be sought after but to be realised through meditation. Do not depend for joy on pleasure or comfort, for bliss is your true nature. You are That.


This article is from the Spring 2020 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.