The Path Where None Can Fail

On this path to Self-knowledge, no sincere effort is ever wasted, nor will the practice cause harm. Even a little practice frees one from great fear.
Bhagavad Gita, 2:40

One of the searching questions we can be asked is: Do you think your life, so far, has been a success or a failure? Yet the question is misguided. It assumes success and failure are opposites. In reality they complement each other: both are parts of a wider process; both contribute to our progress on the learning curve of life. On our journey from infancy to old age, there are countless challenges, and seeming triumphs and disasters visit us at each stage. Apparent failures prompt us to try again with greater insight. Without these setbacks, there can be no success.

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This article is from the Summer 2020 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.