Bhavagad Gita Chapter 2 on Dedicated Action

Cover of Self-Knowledge Journal Winter Issue

Knowing that the true Self is beyond cause and effect, while in this world action is unavoidable, the true Yoga practice is, to act—to do what is required of us—but without concern for the results. This is the real way to be free of the constraints of action and reaction, the way to attain inner…

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Progress and Realisation

Cover of Self-Knowledge Journal Spring Issue

In a certain, provisional sense, spiritual progress can be viewed as a progressive unveiling of our true being. If a lamp is covered with layers of cloth, its light is hidden. But remove the cloths one by one, and the light will gradually shine through, although there is a world of difference between the last…

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On Discovering Our Infinite Nature

Cover of Self-Knowledge Journal Autumn Issue

The chief purpose of the Yoga of Self-Knowledge is to awaken us to the truth of our essential nature. This truth is that our innermost Self is identical with the supreme reality that underlies and makes possible the universe. Our fundamental nature is infinite, imperishable, and transcends the conditions that apply to our physical and…

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