From The Divine Sports of Krishna

Cover of Divine Sports of Krishna

Note: The three extracts below are from the Divine Sports of Krishna. Yashoda was Krishna’s adoptive mother in the village where he grew up. Mohan, Shyam and Gopal are among the names by which his devotees know him. Shesh is a traditional image of divinity, associated with great jewels. Says Yashoda: People lecture me, But…

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From Direct Experience of Reality: Verses 8 to 12

Cover of Direct Experience of Reality

Devoted trust (bhakti) in the words of the holy scriptures and the teacher is called faith (shraddha); one pointedness of the mind on the one real goal of life is called concentration (samadhana). [8] Commentary: The scriptures are above logic, though their truth can be established by right reasoning. Unless a pupil has faith in…

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