Spring Showers

Spring Showers is a short collection of poems on inner illumination and higher love written by Hari Prasad Shastri.

It was first published while he was in China, 1918-28.

Here is one of them:

Who can fathom the depth of the ocean of fate?
And who can untie the knot of the future?
What is good and what is evil even Bhishma could not decide.
Who can say whether it is good to be a slave like Epictetus
Or to be a mighty ruler like Nero?
To dance in the saloons, where music plays and the fair ones drink profusely
To sit with the long-bearded sages who pretend to divine the mysteries of nature
Or to frequent the society of the agnostic who doubts his very existence?
I am certain only of this-that I am
And that my heart bubbles over with love.
Let it be my supreme bliss to pour out the stream of my love at the feet of beauty absolute.
To see beauty in all-in sinners, in poverty, in ignorance, in everything
And to sing to my love who is Beauty Incarnate.

Seekers of higher knowledge may find insights in the poems of Spring Showers, as well as legitimate recreation.