A Short Course of Meditation

A Short Course of Meditation contains a valuable collection of teachings on meditation drawn from the writings of Hari Prasad Shastri, Marjorie Waterhouse and other illumined sages, arranged with explanations under six progressive headings:

Getting Set Up for Meditation
Bringing the Mind Under Control
Feeling the Meditation
Creating the Focus
The Canvas of Meditation

The book can be taken as suggested as the basis of a six-week course for us to follow. Alternatively, if we have already adopted our own regular meditation practices, this book may be taken as background reading to deepen our understanding of what we are doing when we meditate and why.

The book contains a number of helpful and appealing illustrations.

A Short Course of Meditation will be of great interest and value to those who sincerely want to find out more about practicing meditation as a means towards Self-discovery.