Realising the Truth at the Centre of Life

Realising the Truth at the Centre of Life is one of four books by this author. The others are Awakening to Self-Knowledge, Living Beyond Fear and The Illumined Understanding.

The non-dual teachings offer a means to inner peace, freedom from fear and lasting fulfilment, through Self-knowledge.

The path involves learning, absorbing and ultimately awakening to the direct experience that our true Self is not different, in essence, from the reality underlying the universe.

With clarity and authority the chapters show how this goal relates to our deepest needs, and provide ideas and practices which, if adopted, will aid our realisation.

The enlightened teachers appeal directly to our true Self by telling us: You are not this little individuality, craving for appreciation, fearful of the future, the abode of anxieties, sometimes happy, sometimes miserable, and the slave of fleeting joys. You are the all-transcending, supreme reality. In your real being you are intrinsically free, and it is in your power to awaken to your true identity as That, and That alone.
From the Chapter on Our Supreme Potentiality

It includes chapters on:

Life Skills for Inner Peace and Freedom
From Harmony to Illumination
Inner Progress through Love and Knowledge
The Truth at the Centre of Life
Our Supreme Potentiality
The Source of Joy
Light from the Upanishads
Way to Fulfilment
Self as Infinite Consciousness
Life without Limits
Actualising the Inner Light
Awakening to the Supreme Truth
The Greatest Freedom of All
Realising the Infinite Peace
Meditation Practice

This book is richly illustrated with 16 colour pictures.