Path to God-Realization

Path to God-Realization is a short book of questions and answers on the life of spiritual inquiry.

In the foreword the author says: ‘In the silence of holy temples and retreats in China while meditating on the mystic teachings of Lao-tzu, the ideas embodied in this little book came to the consciousness of the writer.’

The subjects it touches on include: a spiritual person defined; means of strengthening the spiritual life; action; the spiritual principle in man; God; worship; suffering – its cause and remedy.

Path to God-Realization is a book that could be kept in one’s pocket and looked into at quiet moments for inner refreshment.

‘Above all else, spirituality connotes the perception that every living being has a soul; that the soul is different from the body and should master it; that the life of the soul is eternal, continuing after death; and that all souls are in reality One, since God is all in all and pervades all, uniting in his consciousness all souls, manifested as such by Him who is consciousness absolute, yet transcending them all.’
from What is Spirituality?