Freedom through Self-Realisation

Freedom through Self-Realisation contains chapters on:

  • Expanding the boundaries of the feeling ‘I’ and ‘mine’.
  • The wholeness of one’s true being and where this is to be found.
  • Levels of the human personality and the choice of where to ‘take one’s stand’.
  • Right view of suffering, and where happiness is to be found.
  • The nature and connections between food, energy, thought, information and consciousness.
  • Philosophy: truth, error, reality, illusion and the means to knowledge.
  • Finding unity with all by finding unity in one’s self.
  • Philosophy: reason and knowing ‘from the inside’.
  • Philosophy and language and direct experience.
  • Ideas approaching non-duality in the poetry of T S Eliot
  • Lessons from Shakespeare on divinity and egoity
  • The great sufi teacher-poet Rumi (in three chapters)
  • Self-reliance, based on knowledge of what is true Self
  • Practicing meditation in the light of non-duality
  • Connections between the methods of non-duality and christian mysticism
  • How non-dual teachings point the way for everyone, not just exceptional saints and sages.

The chapters are written on the basis of a wide knowledge of both the non-dual teachings and methods, and modern science and philosophy. The author served as the Warden of Shanti Sadan for more than 40 years.

Freedom through Self-Realisation may be of interest and value to those who have explored philosophy, science and literature and are interested in genuine meta-physical teachings as way of going into the most important questions and of seeking lasting fulfilment and true inner freedom. Those actively pursuing the non-dual teachings may find insights into the teachings, and ways of harnessing our experiences and learning of the world to further our inner inquiries.