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Ashtavakra Gita
Translated by H.P.Shastri
A collection of short verses which proclaim the highest truth and describe the life of complete freedom.

The Asktavakra Gita expresses the highest teachings of the Upanishads. It does not give an exposition of the truth by logical reasoning, but a description of the bliss experienced by an illumined Saint.

Those who have not understood the essence of Vedanta and are still practicing the discipline of self-purification, will probably not fully appreciate this work, but for the advanced student, the spiritual truth is here revealed in a simple, uncompromising form.

By feeling and saturating the mind in the great ideas lyrically expressed in this poem an aspirant attains an intuitive vision of Truth.

'He who thinks himself to be free, is free, and he who thinks himself to be bound, is bound. True is the saying, as a man thinks, so he becomes.'(1.11)

'As waves, foam and bubbles are not different from water, so in the light of true knowledge, the Universe, born of the Self, is not different from the Self.'(2.4)

60 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-0-85424-028-9

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