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Shanti Sadan is a centre of the Yoga of Self-Knowledge, Adhyatma Yoga, and the philosophy of non-duality, Advaita Vedanta.

Advaita Vedanta teaches that the true Self of each individual is not in essence different from the universal Self, called God or the Absolute. Adhyatma Yoga provides the practices through which this identity may be approached.

Direct realization of this identity is the highest goal of life, and brings the cessation of limitations and suffering.

The practices include ethical living, devotion to truth, study, service and meditation.


Weekly Meditation Practice Meetings

Sun over a forest

There are meditation practice sessions every Tuesday at 8pm at Shanti Sadan throughout the year. More details

Here is a recording of a session with the current practices recently led by the Warden at Shanti Sadan.


From the latest Self-Knowledge Journal: Being One with the Light

Sunlight through clouds

"It is pure consciousness that reveals, supports and enlivens the mind. In fact, ‘being one with the Light’ means realizing that we are that underlying reality and ultimately that there is nothing but this reality, which is self-illumined absolute consciousness."

From Being One with the Light in the Spring 2015 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.


New Publication - Awakening to Self-Knowledge

Cover of Awakening to Self-Knowledge

'Behind the ever-changing mind is the spirit, perfect, taintless, ever free and the source of light and love. When the mental activity is rendered serene, our sense of identity can be withdrawn from the mind and re-established in its true base, our innermost Self.'

Awakening to Self-Knowledge, a new book by the Warden of Shanti Sadan, presents the teachings and affirmations that lead to Self-realization.


From Self-Knowledge Journal: The Complete Life

"What is the complete life? The fulfilment of spiritual enlightenment, where we know in direct experience that our true Self is infinite, immortal, ever at peace, ever satisfied."

From The Complete Life in the Winter 2015 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.


From Self-Knowledge Journal: Remembering Our Spiritual Destiny

"This divine destiny is not just close but immediate. There is no chasm between what we are here and now and the fulfilment of our spiritual destiny. For it is a matter of self-realization. In our deepest nature, we are identified with the supreme that we are seeking to discover."
From Remembering our Spiritual Destiny in the Autumn 2014 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.


From Self-Knowledge Journal: The Light is in You

"This spiritual light, the light of pure consciousness, can never be seen by the eye because it is that ultimate source of illumination through which the eye itself sees, and it is innermost. Yet this limitless light can be realized as one’s true Self through following the spiritual Yoga. This is the ultimate purpose of life and of Yoga: to know the truth and be free."
From The Light is in You in the Summer 2014 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.

Key Yoga Teachings

Selected articles from Self-Knowledge Journal present some key teachings on the spiritual Yoga.