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Shanti Sadan is a centre of the Yoga of Self-Knowledge, Adhyatma Yoga, and the philosophy of non-duality, Advaita Vedanta.

Advaita Vedanta teaches that the true Self of each individual is not in essence different from the universal Self, called God or the Absolute. Adhyatma Yoga provides the practices through which this identity may be approached.

Direct realization of this identity is the highest goal of life, and brings the cessation of limitations and suffering.

The practices include ethical living, devotion to truth, study, service and meditation.


Meditation: The World is Revealed in Me

Sunrise over hills

A meditation practice session recently led by the Warden of Shanti Sadan is available to hear and view on-line.

This session included the practices currently being done together on Tuesday evenings at Shanti Sadan.


Innermost Consciousness is the Infinite Bliss

Cover of book That Thou Art

"Being consciousness, the Self is like the endless blue sky or the space in which the universes roll like waves in water. It is nothing but blissfulness. There are no impediments, no obstacles, nothing to achieve, nothing to lose. Ever free from want, the Self is pure blissfulness."
From Understanding That Thou Artin the on-line bookstore..


Guided Meditation Sessions - Every Tuesday at 8pm

Mount Fuji and pink blooms

There will be meditation practice sessions every Tuesday evening at 8pm at Shanti Sadan throughout the year.

The meetings are free and suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike. If we would like to take up the practices that can lead us to Self-realisation, these are an opportunity. All are welcome. More details.


From Self-Knowledge Journal: The Light is in You

Sunlight through clouds
"This spiritual light, the light of pure consciousness, can never be seen by the eye because it is that ultimate source of illumination through which the eye itself sees, and it is innermost. Yet this limitless light can be realized as one’s true Self through following the spiritual Yoga. This is the ultimate purpose of life and of Yoga: to know the truth and be free."
From The Light is in You in the Summer 2014 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.


The Complete Life

Chinese picture of sparrows flying
The Shanti Sadan Summer 2014 Afternoon course concluded with a talk by the Warden on The Complete Life, which is now available to listen to here.


From Self-Knowledge Journal: The Bliss of Atman

A purple lotus
"This desire for bliss is not a false hunger for the impossible. It is an expression of the highest truth of our nature and can never be extinguished. But we do not understand our higher nature and therefore we look for bliss in the wrong way and in the wrong place. We look for it as if it were some kind of tangible object in the world around us, but true bliss is spirit, and, as such, our own essence. It is to be found within as the constant spiritual element which forms the basis of our own being."
From The Bliss of Atman in the Spring 2014 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.

From Self-Knowledge Journal: True Knowledge is Self-Knowledge

"In truth, even those happy states of mind that ease our path in daily life—peace, contentment, fellow feeling, courage, cheerfulness—have their ultimate source in the bliss and wholeness that is the true nature of the Self. We need to uncover this nature—not create it—by developing a new way of thought, a spiritual way that will lead us beyond the limits of thought into the transcendental wisdom."
From True Knowledge is Self-Knowledge in the Spring 2014 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.


Seeking Truth, Finding Peace

"Knowledge of truth is self–knowledge. It is to have direct, immediate experience of our spiritual nature as our true Self and to recognize conscious immortality, unshakeable peace and the completeness of our being. We live out our lives apparently identified with a particular body and mind which are ever changing and subject to decay and disappearance. But the spiritual truth is that which abides within us, transcending the field of change, ever taintless, perfect, infinite and free. To realize this truth is to acquire perfect peace, called shanti."
In Seeking Truth, Finding Peace in the Winter 2014 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.


Egoism to Divinity

"To those whose spiritual eyes are open, there is one power supreme underlying this world of appearances, and it is the ultimate source of all the laws that hold our universe together. The very word 'universe' ('uni' meaning 'one') implies a single complete system embracing all space and time, matter and energy. But when we enter the world of man, there is a change of perspective. In our all-too-human affairs, the underlying unity is forgotten, and we focus on establishing our particular stake in the universe, often clashing with others in the process. Nonetheless, the hidden harmony is always there and can be realized as the only true experience. The knowers of ultimate Truth have awakened to this underlying spiritual unity and this experience brings inexpressible peace and complete fulfilment."
In From Egoism to Divinity in the Autumn 2013 issue of Self-Knowledge Journal.


Key Yoga Teachings

Selected articles from Self-Knowledge Journal present some key teachings on the spiritual Yoga.