The non-dual teachings point to our own true Self as pure consciousness and essentially one in all. They open a way to lasting inner peace, freedom and fulfilment.

Free Talks Summer 2019
Thursdays at 7pm
9 May to 13 June 2019

at Shanti Sadan
29 Chepstow Villas, London W11 3DR (directions)

Admission free, all welcome
(Please note, they would not be of interest to children)

The talks each last about 45 minutes.

  • Thursday 9 May

    How to Be Inwardly Free

  • Thursday 16 May

    The Answers are Within You - Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8

  • Thursday 23 May

    Seeing Oneself in a New Light

  • Thursday 30 May

    al-Ghazali on the Niche of Light of God

  • Thursday 6 June

    The Wisdom of Guru Nanak

  • Thursday 13 June

    The Truth at the Centre of Life

How to be Inwardly Free

Thursday 9 May

sunrise over hills

A talk on five life-transforming ideas to aid our mind’s progress to freedom and fulfilment.

To understand and absorb these ideas is to recreate our sense of Self and our highest potentialities.

This talk will be given by the Warden of Shanti Sadan, author of these books.

The Answers are Within You

Thursday 16 May

at Shanti Sadan (directions)

Bee and lotus as symbol of meditation

What is the Absolute? What is the Self? What is Action?

These timeless philosophical questions are asked and answered in Chapter eight of the Bhagavad Gita.

The answer lies in deeper Self-knowledge, and the practical methods that can lead us to discover them in direct experience.

Seeing Oneself in a New Light

Thursday 23 May

Sun in the sky

The highest gain is to discover the peace and bliss that underlies our mind.

This peace and bliss is in fact our true Self.

al-Ghazali on the Niche of Light of God

Thursday 30 May

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The “Niche of Light” is a book by the great Islamic theologian, philosopher and mystic al-Ghazali.

In it, “Light” is understood as the nature of that which makes everything manifest and experience possible.

This talk will consider the deep parallels between these ideas and the non-dual teachings on the inner search for ultimate freedom and fulfilment.

The Wisdom of Guru Nanak

Thursday 6 June

Popular image of Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak is celebrated as the founder of Sikhism and one of the world's great spiritual teachers.

This talk will consider him as not so much a religious person as one who lived religion and saw the same great principle awaiting discovery in the heart of all.

The Truth at the Centre of Life

Thursday 13 June

forest path with sunlight

Liberation is to realise the infinite reality behind all appearances, and not least, our own.

It is to know what we are in essence, in contrast to the various self-images we create as we go through life.

A talk by the Warden of Shanti Sadan on the essential non-dual teachings.

Registration is not required, but it will help us with organisation to know that you are thinking of coming. Thanks for letting us know!

All the talks are held at
Shanti Sadan
29 Chepstow Villas
London W11 3DR (map)

They all begin at 7pm on the Thursday evening, and last about 50 minutes. No previous knowledge of non-duality or meditation is assumed, although they include content that will be of interest to those who have studied non-duality (Advaita) before.

The meetings are free and everyone is welcome.
(Please note that the meetings would not be of interest to children.)

sunrise over hills

Non-duality (in Sanskrit, Advaita Vedanta) is a way of understanding the world and ourselves, closely connected with practical methods of gaining a deeper Self-knowledge and new sources of fulfilment.