Meditation – Non-duality and God

This is a set of guided meditation practices.

It is one of a selection on this site that we can discover and take up regularly if we wish to.

It is recommended that we choose a set of practices and stay with them for a given time. More on how and why to practice meditation regularly.

There are two versions:
– the full session including an introduction and guidance on each practice. It is warmly recommend to watch this one at least once in order to benefit most.
– a shortened version with the practices which could be followed repeatedly as a way of doing our own regular meditation.


This is the full session (40 minutes). Watching this at least once will help us gain most from the practices
This version includes an introduction on ‘Non duality and God’

Audio only format:



This is the edited version (20 minutes). A good way of doing our daily meditation would be to simply follow this recording.

Audio only format:


See more about taking up regular meditation practice.

If you have any thoughts or questions about the practices, you are welcome to contact us.


Summary of the Practices

1. Inner preparation

Repeat to yourself these words:

O my mind, turn within, see, in you there is a light that reveals physical light and darkness, day and night, which needs nothing else to reveal it. Rest within, in that light.

Repeat these words to yourself a few times, and focus on their meaning. [About one minute]

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2. Breathing practice

This practice is in two stages:
Firstly, breathe consciously and establish a rhythm.
The rhythm is to breathe in, pause, breathe out, pause.
If possible, breathe through the nose and keep the in-breath and the out-breath the same length.
And if you can, also keep the pauses about the same length.
Adjust the pace to your own capacity. Do it in complete relaxation, without strain.
[Two minutes]

Second stage
Keep up the rhythm: breathe in, pause, breathe out, pause.
Now, on the in-breath say to yourself, inwardly, the word ‘peace’, and on the out-breath the word ‘light’.
[Three minutes]


3. Visualisation

The visualisation is in two parts.
First, focus your attention at the point between the eyebrows.
For a few moments, forget everything else and calmly keep the attention focused at this point.
If other thoughts arise, as soon as you notice, let them go and bring the attention back to the point between the eyebrows.
[Two minutes]

Second stage, now we change the image to one of expansion.
Visualise a blue sky, a blue cloudless sky.
See the sky, extending in all directions, there is only the blue sky.
If other thoughts appear, as soon as you notice, bring your attention back to the blue sky, the cloudless infinite sky.
[Three minutes]


4. Meditation on a text

Pure infinite ever tranquil is the light of my consciousness
Ever shining ever perfect, the Self of all.

Repeat the text to yourself a few times until you have the main idea in focus, then try to keep your attention on that.
If the mind wanders off, when you become aware of this, calmly go back to the text and its meaning.
Absorb your attention in the great truth expressed in the text.
[Six minutes.]

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5. Closing offering
Extend thoughts of unconditional goodwill to all. [One minute]


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