Cover of book Realising the Truth at the Centre of Life

Realising the Truth at the Centre of Life

A new book by the Warden of Shanti Sadan

The non-dual teachings offer a way to inner peace, freedom from fear and lasting fulfilment, through Self-knowledge.

The path involves learning and ultimately awakening to the direct experience that our true Self is not different, in essence, from the reality underlying the universe.

This book is rich in material for reflection that helps us deepen our understanding and meditations.

Realising the Truth at the Centre of Life

Richly illustrated with 16 colour pictures

Paperback   212 Pages

ISBN 978-0-85424-075-3

From Realising the Truth at the Centre of Life


Truth is not complicated, nor is the path to its realisation. The path can be summed up in three simple injunctions: turn within, calm the mind, focus the attention on the immutable principle underlying the mind. The supreme art of life is to live in such a way that we can turn within and find peace and inspiration at any time. It is a matter of practice.
From Actualising the Inner Light


When we set out on a path of inner development or self-training for a higher purpose, we discover, sooner or later, powers of leadership in ourselves. This does not mean the power to lead others. It means the power to effectively steer our own thoughts and emotions on our path to enlightenment.
From Harmony to Illumination


Includes chapters on:

Life Skills for Inner Peace and Freedom
From Harmony to Illumination
Inner Progress through Love and Knowledge
The Truth at the Centre of Life
Our Supreme Potentiality
The Source of Joy
Light from the Upanishads
Way to Fulfilment
Self as Infinite Consciousness
Life without Limits
Actualising the Inner Light
Awakening to the Supreme Truth
The Greatest Freedom of All
Realising the Infinite Peace
Meditation Practice

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