Shanti Sadan and Self-Knowledge name
Vol.62 No.3 Summer 2011

How to Talk to the People

Socrates was a saintly soul in his practical life, which makes the nearest approach to that of Jesus of Nazareth. In theoretical wisdom he was conversant with the philosophy of the day. He devoted his life to the practice of purity and tried to serve the people by teaching them how to live a spiritual life. He was sure of the immortality of the soul and he attached the greatest value to the life of restraint and tranquillity. The way in which he met his death is most admirable. He was offered the opportunity to escape from prison and live at least a few years of peace and service, but he refused the offer and died a real hero.

On the other hand, Jesus was neither a philosopher nor a man of learning. He did not have the advantages of education, yet his name is worshipped all over the world today. He is the real founder of the institutions of charity in the West. Wilberforce was his disciple, Howard was his follower, and St Damian sacrificed his life to the lepers in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. Let us try to discover the reason for the success of Jesus and the failure of Socrates.

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