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All events are Free. There is no need to book. Everyone is welcome.

Autumn 2016 Events

Talks on the traditional teachings with spiritual practices, at Shanti Sadan, every Thursday at 7pm from 13 October to 24 November 2016.

Meditation sessions Meditation sessions continue throughout the year every Tuesday at 7pm at Shanti Sadan.

Afternoon course with talks and meditations, Sunday 13 November 2016.


Talks with Spiritual Practices
Every Thursday 7pm October 13 - November 24 2016 at Shanti Sadan (Directions)

Chinese style painting of Autumn fruits

These are talks on the teachings of non-duality and how they relate to life, learning, spiritual culture and our own deepest needs.

Included in the talks are short periods of meditation practice.

Thurs October 13 The Higher Yoga - Inwards and Onwards
Thurs October 20 Open Wide the Mind's Cage Door
Thurs October 27 The Bhagavad Gita on Higher Meditation
Thurs November 3 Tao and Yoga - Paths that Merge
Thurs November 10 Light from the Eastern Orthodox Mystics
Thurs November 17 The Self-Shining One
Thurs November 24 Transcending the World Within the Mind


Weekly Meditation Practice Meetings
Every Tuesday 7pm throughout the year at Shanti Sadan (Directions)

Blue lotus

These are guided meditation sessions, with which beginners can start and experienced meditators can progress.

Each includes a set of meditation practices, which we could take up regularly for ourselves.

They are based on the non-dual understanding of our deeper nature. The aim is to bring to light the wholeness and security of our inner being.

These are the practices we are currently doing at these meetings.

Here is a recording of a recent session including these practices, which we could follow for our own daily meditation.


Autumn 2016 Afternoon Course
Sunday 13 November 2016 2.00-5.00pm
Columbia Hotel, 95 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS. (Directions)

An afternoon course on looking beyond the mind and finding our identity with the timeless Bliss-Reality in all.

The Truth-Reality within all is a transcendent unity. The traditional way of non-dual understanding and Self-discovery leads us towards realization of this identity, wherein lie peace, upliftment and fulfilment that nothing can ever take away.

Hear and reflect on the pure teachings, the essence of the Upanishads and all the great traditions and cultures, that have led men and women to the goal of Self-Realization for millennia.

Talk 1: Serene Mind, Free Mind
Guided Meditation Practice
Talk 2: The Illumined Understanding
with further guided meditation practice