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Weekly Meditation Practice Meetings
At Shanti Sadan every Tuesday evening
Until Tuesday 5 July these meetings begin at 8pm

Please note that from Tuesday 12 July 2016 onwards these meetings will begin at 7pm

Sun on the sea

These are guided meditation sessions, suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

Each includes a set of meditation practices, which we could take up regularly for ourselves.

These are the practices we are currently doing at these meetings.

Here is a recording of a recent session including these practices, which we could use for our own daily meditation.


Events Coming Up Later This Year
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There will be talks on Thursday evenings in October and November about the traditional path to Self-Realization.

There will be an afternoon course on Sunday 13 November 2016, with talks on the foundations, practice and goal of the spiritual teachings, as well as two meditation practice sessions.

The Tuesday evening meditation sessions continue throughout the year.

More details to follow.

You are welcome to contact us about the teachings and meetings.