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World Within the Mind
Translated by H.P.Shastri
Timeless teachings from the spiritual classic Yoga Vasishta.
Here are extracts from the great classic, Yoga Vasishtha, a work of unusual charm and potency. A favourite among the yogis of the Himalayan retreats, and also with busy kings and statesmen since early times, it is said that a careful study and practice of its teachings leads to spiritual illumination.

'Close to the original, chaste in expression, the rendering is satisfying and communicates the essential teaching of this advaitic classic.'
The Mountain Path

'When a man has restrained the turbulent passions of his breast by the power of right judgement, and has spread the garment of soft compassion and sweet content over his heart and mind, let him then worship divine serenity within himself.'
142 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-0-85424-014-2

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