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Divine Sports of Krishna Poems of Sur Dasa
Translated by A.J.Alston
Poems by Sur Das, recognised as the greatest of the poets who have sung of Shri Krishna.
He presented incomparably beautiful images of Krishna growing up amidst the cowherds and their womenfolk (Gopis) in the idyllic woods surrounding the River Jumna near Vrindavan.

The present selection is the widest so far attempted in English. Its emphasis is on Krishna's childhood and adolescence, culminating in the moonlight dance in the woods, the love-scenes between Krishna and Radha and a detailed account of the encounter between Uddhav and the Gopis after Krishna had left them.

'A strange sensation came upon the Gopis
When the sound of the flute
From the wood fell on their ears
They forgot their homes and duties
Flung away custom and lore.
The Gopis converged on Krishna
Like flood-rivers on the sea
That clever, playful lover
Had robbed them of their hearts.'
246 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-0-85424-043-2

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