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Crest Jewel of Wisdom Viveka-Chudamani
Translated by A.J.Alston with a commentary by H.P.Shastri
A famous classic systematically presenting the traditional Yoga teachings.
Its 580 verses, with a full commentary by Hari Prasad Shastri, give clear guidelines for the path to self-realization, showing how this 'ancient Yoga for today' is a living force to transform life.

The exposition covers some sixty key Vedanta topics from the qualifications (of both teacher and pupil) to the final enlightenment of the pupil. The Sanskrit original is included in romanised script.

'Control your mind and obtain, through the radiance of your higher mind, immediate knowledge of your own true Self in yourself in the form 'This I am'. Cross over the shoreless ocean of worldly life with its waves of birth and death. Establish yourself in the Absolute and gain your highest end.'
318 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-0-85424-047-0

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