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Awakening to Self-Knowledge
Berta Dandler
The goal of Self-realization and the affirmations that lead us to it.

The purpose of the Yoga of Self-knowledge is to remind us of our higher destiny and help us to realize the immortality and freedom of our true Self.

All human beings are destined to evolve spiritually as we learn our lessons from experience and adjust our lives accordingly. The turning point is when this spiritual evolution becomes a conscious process.

This can only happen when we understand and strive for the high goal revealed by the knowers of ultimate truth. That goal is nothing less than conscious immortality. It is the realization that our innermost consciousness is not individual but universal, and that one's Self is the Self of all.

This knowledge dissolves all uncertainty about the real meaning of life and all doubts about the essential identity of our innermost Self with God. The truth of this identity manifests as clearly as the sun in a cloudless sky.

This book, by the Warden of Shanti Sadan, contains fourteen chapters on the nature of the supreme Self, and how to make the practical adjustments and affirmations by which it may be realised.

'Our latent faculties are so far-reaching that they can only be brought out gradually and through an inner training. This training has stood the test of time, and is workable in daily life for those who are serious about it. Such people are likely to enter what is called a spiritual path. The path gives us a sense of direction and is the means of making continuous progress towards the great goal of life, enlightenment.

What is the path of progress in Yoga? It is the path from bondage to freedom, from anxiety to serenity, from insecurity to fearlessness, from darkness to light. Ultimately, it is a path leading to the knowledge that our true nature transcends all limitations and is essentially one with the Absolute.'

from Our Highest Potential
208 pages, paperback, ISBN 9780854240715


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